“The Shadow of Your Smile” (1965)

March 3, 2014

“The Shadow of Your Smile” is also known as the “Love Theme from the Sandpiper.”  Here is the smooth sound of the late great Andy Williams singing TSOYS.

The Sandpiper” was a 1965 film that starred lovers, and sometimes spouses, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. When the film came out I was a tween and the subject matter of the movie was adult enough that I had no interest in watching it (This was when we Tweens weren’t so GROWN). But the two things I do recall about the film were (1) my Aunt C. repeatedly speaking on how beautiful Elizabeth Taylor was and (2) the theme song that I heard everywhere on AM radio and TV variety shows,  being sung by a variety of pop stars of the era.


You see the song, with music by Johnny Mandel and lyrics by Paul Francis Webster,  was just that good that every artist wanted to interpret it.  Not only did it win the two composers the 1965 Oscar for Best Original Song but it also won the 1965 Grammy for Song of the Year.


Now enjoy the one of a kind voice of Sara Vaughn singing “The Shadow of Your Smile.” I know this version because my Mother (RIP) was an avid fan girl of Miss Sarah Vaughn.

This is a beautiful instrumental version of “The Shadow of Your Smile” performed by the great Dexter Gordon in 1974 (I love you YouTube).

What is your favorite rendition of “The Shadow of Your Smile”? Please share your thoughts Boomers.

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