“Here We Go Again” Performed by Ray Charles (1962) and Johnny Duncan (1972) and Ray Charles With Nora Jones (2004)

January 23, 2014

“Here We Go Again” was written as a Country song but first became popular when released as a R&B/Pop tune performed by Ray Charles  on his 1967 LP “Ray Charles Invites You To Listen”: in fact it was the most popular track from the LP.

The tune had been recorded by Charles back in 1962 when Ray was going through his Country music recording phase that produced the iconic award winning LP  “Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music.”

Here is the country song that the writers, Don Lanier and Red Steagall, intended as recorded by country artist Johnny Duncan (10/5/38 to 8/14/06)  in 1972. This single peaked at #66 on the US country charts.

Country artist Roy Clark also had a some what popular country version of the song in 1982 that peaked at #65 on the Billboard Hot Country Chart and #61 on the Cashbox County Chart.

But this award winning duet of “Here We Go Again” by Nora Jones and Ray Charles has got to be my favorite rendition of this song. Apparently the world agreed with me since this 2004 recording (with Billy Preston playing a super funky Hammond organ on the track) was the first track on the 10 time Grammy nominated, posthumously released LP  “Genius Loves Company” by Ray Charles. Of the 10 noms the following 8 were won:

  • Record of the Year: John Burk (producer), Terry Howard, Al Schmitt (engineers/mixers), Ray Charles & Norah Jones for “Here We Go Again”
  • Album of the Year: John Burk, Phil Ramone, Herbert Waltl, Don Mizell (producers), Terry Howard (producer & engineer/mixer), Robert Fernandez, John Harris, Pete Karam, Joel Moss, Seth Presant, Al Schmitt, Ed Thacker (engineers/mixers), Robert Hadley, Doug Sax (mastering engineers)
  • Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocalist(s): Victor Vanacore (arranger) for “Over the Rainbow” performed by Ray Charles & Johnny Mathis
  • Best Gospel Performance: Ray Charles & Gladys Knight for “Heaven Help Us All”
  • Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals: Ray Charles and Norah Jones for “Here We Go Again”
  • Best Pop Vocal Album: Ray Charles and various artists
  • Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical: Robert Fernandez, John Harris, Terry Howard, Pete Karam, Joel Moss, Seth Presant, Al Schmitt & Ed Thacker (engineers)
  • Best Surround Sound Album: John Burk (Producer), Al Schmitt (surround mix engineer), Robert Hadley & Doug Sax (surround mastering)  (SOURCE WIKI PAGE)

grammy-gold-icongrammy-gold-iconAs you can see the aforementioned duet won two Grammys — Record of the Year and Best Pop Collaboration. So you have a country composition recorded first as a hit R&B track then it becomes a multiple award winning pop song. Now that’s what I call universal music .  :-

 “Here We Go Again” Composed by Don Lanier and Red Steagall

Here we go again
She’s back in town again
I’ll take her back againOne more timeHere we go again
The phone will ring again
I’ll be her fool againOne more timeI’ve been there before
And I’ll try it again
But any fool knows
That there’s no way to win
Here we go again
She’ll break my heart again
I’ll play the part againOne more time

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