“In A Gadda Da Vida” Performed by Iron Butterfly (1968)

September 13, 2012

This is the only song by Iron Butterfly that I ever heard and it  most certainly has grown on me through out the decades.

In 1968 the song peaked at #30 and the LP (that is the only place to find the 17 minutes song) was a hit, peaking at #4.

When I first heard this seventeen minute song,  I wasn’t really interested  until a friend kept raving about it. I wasn’t too much interested in Psychedelic Rock assuming it was only good for pot smokers, but after a few listens it grew on me even thought I had no idea what it was about or what the vocalist was saying.  Pretty kewl vibe though :-)

Now this song isn’t one that is on my music player or one  I listen to regularly. I must admit that the last time I listened to it was after watching a Simpsons’ episode where Bart Simpson  snuck in the sheet music of the song to the organist at his church, where “Rock and or Roll” was considered EVIL. The congregation sang “In The Garden Of Eden” by I. Ron Butterfly. (ROTFL)

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