June is Country Crossover Month at OSML

June 3, 2012

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Hard for me to believe it is June already — especially since the raining and stormy weather here feels like April days.

When I flip over the calendar to being a new month I also flip my posting direction by selecting a new Theme. I do this because my musical tastes are so varied and wide that I need to reign in a focus for writing blog posts. This has been working for me so I shall stick with it.

This month I am selecting to focus on “Country Crossover” tunes. Those are tracks that topped the Country Charts and “crossed over”  to the Pop charts and/or the R&B Charts and/or the Dance Charts and/or the Adult Contemporary Charts. This is a category I hadn’t used before — but in reviewing my posts over the years I found more than a dozen or so previous posts that fell in this category and I just went back to label them as such.

The Sxties had plenty of these Crossover Country hits  –  that are now categorized as Country Pop.

In the Fifties and Sixties if music was good you heard it on AM radio no matter what the genre. Those were great days.  Thank goodness we now have mp3 players so we can create our own genre free jukeboxes!

Enjoy your June and be sure to check out the June Birthday listing here at OSML.

Two of my favorite musical treasures were born this very  week. El DeBarge was born June 4, 1961 and Prince Rogers Nelson was born June 7, 1958.

I wish these two talents the best birthday ever and thanks them both for the musical legacy that have created for us – and continue to create.

Musically Yours,

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