“You Keep Me Hanging On” Performed by Vanilla Fudge (1967) & The Supremes (1966)

May 14, 2012

#67 in 1967, #6 in 1968

The Vanilla Fudge Psychedelic Pop band only lasted from 1966 to 1969 but they made a lasting legacy with this song for me!

They began life as an east coast blue-eyed soul cover band called “The Electric Pigeons, before the requested name change by their record label Atco. I loved this slowed down rock version of the Motown classic as soon as I heard it.  It took two releases for the public to get it though: the first time out it didn’t make the top 10. Hard to believe isn’t it?

On 11/18/2010 I did my first post on this song here at OSML (where you can read more on the track) but it is worth another post IMHO! This cover is just so great! And if you are a newcomer to OSML perhaps you missed my original post.

#1 R&B, #1 Pop, #8 UK

Here are the Supremes performing the original “YKPHO” and “Somewhere” on an 1966 episode of The Hollywood Palace variety show that I watched regularly during it’s tenure on TV. The young and handsome musician and record executive (the A in A&M Records) Herb Alpert introduced the ladies. BTW,  aren’t those gowns gorgeous?

This Holland/Dozier/Holland composition was the sixth number one single for the Supremes so naturally it would be covered by someone, some how, some way — but Vanilla Fudge’s arrangement will never be topped in my eyes!

Which version do you prefer?

Musically Yours,


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