“Ticket to Ride” Performed By The Beatles (1965)

April 2, 2012

#1 The Week of 5/22/1965

Happy April OSMLers. No — the British Invasion posts for March are over for now. It just so happens that the first post for the April Theme of the “Billboard Number Ones of 1965, Part 2″ is by the very group that started the British Invasion of the Sixties here in the US of A — the one and only Beatles!

I won’t gush about how this is one of my favorite songs,  because frankly I loved every single that The Beatles released here.  I was a full-fledged “Beatlemaniac.” (LOL- I just made that word up).

This song, credited to Lennon & McCartney, is a John Lennon composition that went to the top of the charts making the Beatles the fourth British group to hold the number one spot in a row. 1965 was mos def the height of the British Invasion.

The world will be reliving Beatlemania very soon,  since 2012 is the 50th Anniversary of The Beatles formation as a group. Liverpool has already started celebrating and I saw quite a few Anniversary books and magazines while  doing my regular browsing at Barnes and Noble  this past weekend.

This video is so awesome. John and Paul are having a blast lip synching to the record (LOL). John (don’t you just love his smile?) was my favorite at this time and watching this video make me miss him so much. I am so very glad I lived through the Sixties! Great memories,  great songs, music at its finest!

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