November and The Color Blue in Oldies Music Titles

November 6, 2011

The November Birth Flower is the Chrysanthemum

November is here bringing the holiday season in full swing. “Black Friday” will be here in the blink of an eye and many will be needlessly spending their hard earned cash (and cash that they haven’t even earned yet) to make gift purchases they shouldn’t,  just to keep up with the “Jones”.

As a child, for me the winter Holidays meant family time and lots of it. Now that my family is gone this time of year isn’t a particular joyous one for me and thousands of others. I don’t want to be downbeat and sing the musical jazz type “blues,”  so I thought it would be more upbeat to focus on and present songs with the COLOR BLUE in the title as the OSML musical theme for November. I hope you enjoy the presentations.

I will begin this month’s song presentation with a OSML Classic Post  from October 8, 2007  “For Your Blue” Performed by the Beatles (1969).

This song features my favorite Beatle of late – George Harrison. Please click on the link to enjoy the music.

Oh,  and be sure to check out the Musical Birthdays for the month of November. The link is in the drop down menu below the OSML logo.

Musically Yours,


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