“The Battle of New Orleans” Performed by Jimmie Driftwood, Johnny Horton & Lonnie Donegan (1959)

February 7, 2011

Here is the rendition of “The Battle of New Orleans” as performed by its Grammy winning composer, schoolteacher James Corbitt Morris aka the folk singer composer Jimmie Driftwood. Catchy isn’t it? It went to #24 on the Country music charts in 1959. Driftwood won the Grammy, as composer for this, the 1959 Sony of the Year.

Performed by honky tonk singer Johnny Horton — this is the version of “The Battle of New Orleans” that I grew up with. It  played on every AM station of my youth as it well should have. The song was #1 Pop, #1 Country and #3 R&B in 1959 . The tune was everywhere and if you don’t know it you definitely weren’t alive on planet earth in 1959 :-)

And since three is my favorite number here is a third rendition of  “The Battle of New Orleans” performed by Lonnie Donegan MBE.  A skiffle musician born Anthony James Donegan in Scotland,  Lonnie’s version went to #2 in the UK.   Enjoy.

Please check out the all -important “Lego Reenactment version”  backed by Johnny Horton before you cast your ballot for your favorite of the three versions presented above.

Musically Yours,

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