“Westbound #9″ Performed by Flaming Ember (1970)

March 1, 2010

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#24 Pop,  #15 R&B

This blast from my high school past was (and still is)  the perfect song to do the “Temptation Walk” to.  Can you dig it? :-)

Composed by Daphne Dumas, Ronald Dunbar and Edith Wayne, the tune   “Westbound #9″ was recorded on the band’s Hot Wax label which was owned by Holland, Dozier and Holland formerly of Motown.

The band had first recorded for the Ric Tic label (distributed by Buddah)  as the Flaming Embers, before dropping the “s” and joining Hot Wax.

The band members included Jerry Plunk on drums and lead vocals; Joe Sladich on guitar; Bill Ellis on keyboards; Jim Bugnel on bass guitar (replaced Mike Jackson in 1966);  and Larry Gregg on drums.

The group, hailing from Detroit,  later changed its name to ” Mind, Body and Soul” and continued to play in and around Detroit during the Seventies.

Trivia: When Ric Tic was purchased by Berry Gordy the Embers opted not to go along for the ride.   Please read  Jerry Plunk’ s detailed explanation in the comment section below.

Please enjoy this video of  the group’s biggest hit for as long as it lasts on YouTube.

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Updated 3/27/09 to correct Trivia. The Flaming Embers elected not to go with Motown when Gordy bought their record label – it wasn’t Gordy’s decision not to take them as I found explained elsewhere on the web. Thanks so much for telling us the real deal Mr. Plunk!

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1 Jerry Plunk March 27, 2010 at 11:26 am

Appreciate the GREAT comments on the Flaming Ember as I am the lead singer/drummer but you need to know the correct information…The decision to not sign with Barry Gordy was ours – Gordy tried to buy our contract from Mr. Wingate for two years. When Wingate sold the company, he let us out of our contract so we wouldn’t be sold to Barry Gordy. We had several other major offers, Eddie Holland had been trying to buy our contract for a couple of years so me and the group made the decision to sign with Holland, Dozier and Holland (the second leg of Motown).


2 SonDan March 27, 2010 at 9:27 pm

Thank you so much for clarifying that part of your history Mr Plunk and I will make the post reflect your detailed information pronto.
I am so honored you found my little corner of the web and truly, truly appreciate your input. There is so much “so-called historical data” floating around on the net and I certainly want to be sure I am giving the correct info. Coming from you I know for SURE that I am getting the real deal!

Thank you for your talent kind sir. God Bless.


3 Victor Green May 27, 2011 at 3:22 am

Regrettably, I never heard of you or your music while you were at the top of your game, but, fortunately, while I was waiting for my wife in our car outside Wal-Mart, a lady called in a request for “Westbound #9″ by Blazing Emblem. The DJ set her right about the name of your group and proceeded to play the song. It was great! When I got home, I Googled your g roup and found “Westbound #9″ on YouTube. I became an instant fan. I’d like to know what you are currently involved in. All the postings I can find are several years old (or older). By the way, congratulations on your successes and especially for being inducted into the Hall of Fame. From what little I’ve heard of your music, you definitely have earned the right. I have always loved the Doo-Wop groups, but I can’t say any of them were better than you. You could hold your own with the best of them. Thanks for the great music and the fine performances you gave us.


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