“Color Him Father” Performed by The Winstons (1969)

February 22, 2010

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The 1969 Grammy for the Best Rhythm and Blues Song   was  “Color Him Father,” Richard Spencer, songwriter.

Just like  another Grammy winning song in 1969, “A Boy Name Sue, “ “Color Him Father” is all about the superb lyrics!

Composed by group member Richard Spencer of Washington DC’s  The Winstons,  this song tells of the love for a step-father that holds a special place in my heart. When it came out I was learning to love my new step-mother (R.I.P) as another person to trust in my young confused  life.

The song got a lot of local airplay (I lived then and now in the Maryland suburbs of DC) and truly was inspirational in my life.

The Winstons had recorded a song prior to this one on the Curtom Label that was a minor local success, but “CHF” was their first and last  big hit on the Metromedia label.  It charted #2 R&B and of course won a Grammy.

Rev. O.C. Smith recorded a popular cover of the song that appeared on his 1969 LP ” O.C. Smith At Home,” but I prefer the original by the Winstons when  composer Richard Spencer sings the lead.

Color Him Father by Richard Spencer

There’s a man at my house he’s so big and strong
He goes to work each day, stays all day long
He comes home each night looking tired and beat
He sits down at the dinner table and has a bite to eat
Never a frown always a smile
When he says to me how’s my child
I’ve been studying hard all day in school
Tryin’ to understand the golden rule

Think I’ll color this man father
I think I’ll color him love
Said I’m gonna color him father
I think I’ll color the man love, yes I will

He says education is the thing if you wanna compete
Because without it son, life ain’t very sweet
I love this man I don’t know why
Jexcept I’ll need his strength till the day that I die
My mother loves him and I can tell
By the way she looks at him when he holds my little sister nell
I heard her say just the other day
That if it hadn’t been for him she wouldn’t have found her way
My real old man he got killed in the war
And she knows she and seven kids couldn’t of got very far
She said she thought that she could never love again
And then there he stood with that big wide grin
He married my mother and he took us in
And now we belong to the nman with that big wide grin

Think I’ll color this man father
I think I’ll color him love

Said I’m gonna color him father
I think I’ll color the man love, yes I will

OSML TRIVA: The Winstons toured as the backup band for The Impressions

Musically yours,

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1 Testify June 19, 2010 at 4:51 am

I’m really loving Linda Martell’s version at the moment. It’s arranged as a country number and sounds like a Bobbie Gentry record.


2 SonDan June 19, 2010 at 8:27 pm

Hi Testify,

I am not familiar with Ms. Martell’s version but I am going to search it out and post back after I find it and listen to it.
Stay tuned and thank you so much for your participation .
BTW I made your correction for you ;-)


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