“Born to Love You” Performed By The Temptations (1965) & The Jackson Five (1969)

January 2, 2008

I thought I would try something new in 2008 and present “Theme Weeks” or “Theme Months” and see how it goes. This month I will post about Motown Covering Motown. I should be able to find plenty to round out this month of posts, since Motown made it a habit of having all of its artists record all of it’s songs so that Berry Gordy’s Jobete Publishing would reap the rewards.

Isn’t this a great Classic Temptations song? Doesn’t Eddie “Cornbread” Kendrick have one of the best high tenors ever?

This song was written by Motown songwriters/producers Ivy Joe Hunter and William “Mickey” Stevenson. The Temptations recorded this gem in September 1965 and it appeared on their third Album entitled “Temptin’ Temptations” (Gordy 914) released November 1, 1965. The album went to #1 R&B, #11 Pop!

This Jackson 5 version of the song actually was my first time hearing it and immediately I fell in love with it. Since I was only 11 when the Temptations version came out, I was unaware it existed because I was only buying 45s. I didn’t get into lps until few years later.

This Jackson 5 version of “Born to Love You” was on their first album entitled “Diana Ross Presents the Jackson 5“, which in fact I did own. The song was recorded in the summer of 1969 and the album was released December 1969. Michael sings the lead part that Eddie Kendrick sang and Jermaine takes the David Ruffin vocal part of the song. I am a great, great HOF 6 Temptations fan and and ever bigger fan of Eddie Kendrick — but I have to say I prefer the Jacksons version a wee bit over the Temptations original version.

Which version do you prefer? You can vote here.

Interestingly enough, Eddie Kendricks reprised this song on one of his final solo albums, “I’ve Got My Eyes On You”, released in 1983 on Miss Dixie Records. Eddie’s voice is not at it’s best on this version and it has different third arrangement of the song.

The Isley Brothers recorded this song while at Motown, but the album, released after the Brothers had left the label, is very hard to find (if it is in fact still in print). It was entitled “Tamla Motown Presents The Isley Brothers” and was their third album on the label. It was comprised of leftovers from their stay at Motown, where they were pretty much ignored. If anyone knows where I can get this album please drop me a line: I would love to hear it in it’s entirely.

Thanks for stopping by.

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1 Yobachi January 3, 2008 at 12:25 pm

Sounds like good stuff.

Taking post submissions for this months theme? I’ve got some good stuff on my mind that I’ve been listening to just in the last week.


2 bluedreamer January 3, 2008 at 11:34 pm

JACKSON 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DIANA ROSS!!!!!!!!!
they are my favorite singers
hooray i love this blog
i just encountered them the day when i start to discover youtube then im became an addict listening to old musics
MY FAVORITE FROM JACKSON 5 was all their christmas songs
while i love “if we hold on together” and “endless love” a duets from diana and lionel richie


3 sondan January 4, 2008 at 5:48 pm

The Jackson 5 Christmas Album is a classic. I have brought it out every holiday season to play since it came out. Welcome to the Motown Sound bluedreamer. I guarantee you will never hear a bad song in the bunch!


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