El DeBarge: Stay With Me

December 14, 2007



El DeBarge has not done many interviews over the last few decades, but I just came across this one yesterday. I was hesitant to post the link at first because I am not familiar with the author. But after giving it some thought today I decided to just go for it. It is quite interesting. We miss you El. Welcome back to the music scene.

El DeBarge: Stay With Me
Published Thursday, December 13, 2007 11:17 AM
By Maya “the Brasilianaire” Medena

In today’s world, our youth have little or no idea of who El DeBarge is. A founding member of the legendary, family group DeBarge and recovering cocaine addict, El DeBarge finds peace in knowing that he’s been given one more chance. What today’s youth do know are Hip-Hop radio killers like Rich Boy’s “Throw Some D’s” which incorporates samples from El DeBarge’s “I’ll Call Your Name.” That’s just one of dozens of records that have sampled from the DeBarge family catalog.

While the ‘80s babies were babbling nursery rhymes in their playpens, El DeBarge was evolving from a lead singer in a group to a solo sensation. Early on in his career, he witnessed the effect of cocaine on his siblings and initially, seemed as if he was going to be spared from the addiction. But the lifestyle of a famous celebrity eventually caught up to him and the commonality of drug use in the entertainment business during the ‘90s encouraged it and came along with the territory. Although he was the last to mount the “white horse,” El DeBarge eventually began experimenting with drugs and served jail time, as did his brothers for drug-related charges.

Today, El DeBarge is clean and rejuvenated with hope for the future and lessons learned from the past. He clears up recent slander in regards to a weekend spent in the slammer for fictitious charges concocted by the media, Janet Jackson’s rumored child with his brother, and sheds light on dark, family secrets.

The interview questions and answers continue here.

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