“For You Blue” Performed by The Beatles (1969)

October 8, 2007

This clip is a performance of “For You Blue” from The Beatles’ last movie “Let It Be”. As you can see — John is really working out on that slide; and Paul is great, as always, on piano; but the song is really George’s Baby! George wrote this song for his wife Patti and this is one of my favorite George Harrison (RIP) penned tunes from his time with the Beatles. I had always wished that while in the group there were more George and Ringo tunes, but at least they both got to shine on their own after The Beatles broke up.

Song Trivia

  • Harrison played this on his 1974 Dark Horse tour.
  • This hit #1 along with “The Long and Winding Road,” which was its A-side. (thanks, Adrian – Wilmington, DE)
  • This was originally titled “George’s Blues.” (thanks, bertrand – Paris, France)

Enjoy the music and as always thanks for stopping by.


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